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European Commission Seal of Excellence to Droshi

The European Commission and their independent experts awarded Droshi with their Seal of Exellence, recommending Droshi to investors
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Global CFO from a world-leading company joins Droshi's board

Martin Sigel from DHL takes a position on our board.
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Qliro Group's Head of Group IT joins Droshi

Qliro Group's (Scandinavia's largest e-commerce group) Head of Group IT joins us as Chief Technical Officer
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Wikinggruppen and Droshi collaborates

Interview with Wikinggruppen (e-commerce system) and our COO Stefan Bensmo. Also see a video on how to integrate Droshi with Wikinggruppen.
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Stefan Bensmo leaves Motormännen to become Droshi's new COO


He started his e-commerce career at CDON's customer service and over time advanced within Qliro Group, where he left as Category Manager at Tretti.se. Over a year ago his Qliro saga ended...
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Droshi in Silicon Valley

We got selected to Tinc accelerator program in tech mecca Silicon Valley/Palo Alto 2017. Here is an interview from there.
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Kodmyran invests in Droshi

Droshi killar

Droshi's CEO Jonas Salminen told the company had several potential investors going, and now one of them are official.
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"They will help e-commerce to drop the hassle with logistics"

Droshi killar

That logistics is a constant hassle for e-commerce businesses is not news. That's something dropshipping company Droshi want's to change. They describes themselves as Europe's Alibaba - with a twist.
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Loopia <3 Droshi

Our partners Loopia (one of Swedens biggest hosting companies) talks about us.
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Successfull crowdfunding at FunderByMe

Take the chance to invest in a growing company with scalable business model, a proven proof-of-concept and a great team.
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Read what crowdfunding.se has to say about Droshi

Stockholm based company Droshi has, with a few days to spare, successfully managed to finance with at least 2 million SEK via FundedBy
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See what ehandel.se has to say about Droshi

New e-commerce portal wants to simplify dropshipping.
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Interesting links

Everything you need to know about Swedish e-commerce 2017

A report filled with stats about Swedish e-commerce.
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Postnords e-barometer Q3 2016

PostNord's experience about Swedish e-commerce.
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Nordic E-commerce is a statistical report that provides a detailed analysis of the e-commerce market in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The report is partly based on a survey completed by the research institute YouGov during the second quarter of 2016.
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Anders Karlsson's useful insights about dropshipping

Retailer shares his experience with dropshipping.
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E-barometer Postnord 2016

The increasing digitalization drives globalization. The Swedes are moving more unhindered outside their borders.
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Swedish E-barometer yearly report 2015

A lot has happened within Swedish e-commerce
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The future of e-commerce 2012

E-commerce is affecting the future
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Ehandel.se (news in Swedish about e-commerce)

Internetworld (internet related news in Swedish)

Dagens Handel (business news in Swedish)

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E-commerce News Europe

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